Lily Correa Chapter 5 Case Study 1) Java Jam uses a hierarchical organization. I believe it is the most appropriate because it has a defined home page that provides links to the other pages. The other pages give more information behind the given link. It is also very easy to navigate. 2) 3 design practices - Provide navigation that leads to internal links - The layout of the pages are all consistent - Gives good information to dates and times for the music 3 cite design practices that could be implemented in a better way - The colors of the website could be more appealing, they seem really plain and simple - There could be links added to the artists who are playing in case people really liked them and want to hear more of them. - Could use better images, not just some that can easily be found on google. How else would you improve the website? - I would add actual images of the foods and beverages that are sold at the coffee shop. - I would add a page containing different times through out the week the coffee shop is busy. - Maybe add some back ground music to play in the site, stuff that the artist who perform there play.